What is RCC?

Reality Clash Coin (RCC) is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain that is used to buy limited-edition tokenised weaponry.

RCC has a fixed supply of only 24,487,944 coins.

Deflationary currencies tend to rise in value over time as more individuals join the economy and less RCC is available per user.

The NFT weapons you buy with RCC are ERC-721 non-fungible tokens and can be traded in the Reality Clash Marketplace or secondary markets such as Opensea. They are also known by their ticker ‘RC GUN’.

These NFT tokenised guns can be downloaded directly into the Reality…

Liquidity Boost NFT Rewards Program

NFT’s will be rewarded based on how long you stay in the pool without withdrawing RCC or ETH from the liquidity pool (LP).

To qualify for rewards, liquidity providers will need to stake a minimum worth of $200 RCC/ETH directly to Uniswap pool address here.

NFT rewards will not be based on your percentage of the pool, as long as you keep your contribution to the liquidity pool in Uniswap for a minimum amount of time you will receive an amazing selection of limited edition NFT’s:

What kind of NFT’s will I receive?

The NFT’s…

Introducing: RCC Liquidity Boost Program

*UPDATE — 10.5.21*

Due to the Uniswap Migration from v2 to v3, we are currently awaiting reasonable gas prices before migrating the RCC-ETH pool to v3.
You can still trade RCC-ETH on the v2 pool whilst we await reasonable migration conditions. You will still receive RCC Liquidity Program rewards!

More information coming soon…

The Reality Clash community can now participate in a new liquidity pool for RCC/ETH on Uniswap!

For all our supporters of the ICO and in the spirit of DeFi, we will also be looking to further improve market liquidity through a Liquidity…

Reality Clash

An Augmented Reality combat game with NFT assets which can be used in-game. Play it now: iOS: http://apple.co/2XoOXHe Android: http://bit.ly/308RUZg

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